Give yourself the best chance of success with Octopos.

Point of Sale System to Improve your Bottom Line.

Full Featured
Point of Sale Software


Made for Retail

Use our retail specific features such as Weight scale, ebt, and csv support.


eCommerce Integration

Integrate with 30 different shopping carts and sell your instore products on Amazon, Shopify and many other platforms.


Reporting Dashboard

Stay on top of your Business Intelligence. Our intuitive dashboard will give you hidden insights about your business and customers.

Customer Review

Customer Display Screen

Intereact with your customers using our highly customizable CDS. Remove friction in Reward Data Collection.



Our payment system is fully capable of newest on site payment methods such as Apple and Android pay. We also have very low qualified processing rates.


EBT Support

We have direct support for EBT and SNAP cards. Don't miss out on potential business.

All the tools for single or multi-location retailers to
sell, manage, report and grow


Improved Loyalty = Improved Sales

Octopos has frictionless Reward Program Setup. It allows businesses to capture reward information right from the Customer display screen which improves checkout speeds. Octopos will generate automated marketing campaigns to target your most loyal or at risk customers, resulting in improved sales.

Just the right amount of

Octopos Reporting Dashboard gives you 360* snapshot of your business. Not only it tells you your present or past numbers, it will identify patterns in your businesses such as rate of increase or decrease compared to past in sales or product inventory movement.

Take control of your

With right amount of information you as a store owner can take appropriate decisions. Our intelligent Purchase Order tool will learn your product inventory movement and will suggest you the quantity for your next Purchase order.

Improved bottom line

With customer loyalty and targeted marketing campaigns, reporting dashboard and intelligent purchasing you certainly can take your business to next level.


One Dashboard
to run it all.

State of the Art Reporting

Get all the insights in one single Dashboard.

Employee Management

Manage employees, timesheets and budgets right from our dashboard.


Our automated Purchase Order management will make your purchasing a breeze.



Inventory Receiving

Receive your inventory using our Android and iOS app. Our app also works with scanner phones to make your receiving faster.

Product Lookup

Lookup Product details right on the phone. This allows instant servicing to your customers in the aisle.

Print Price Tags

Our price tagging process is simple. Take the phone and mobile printer to print the tags right on the spot where they go.


Industry leading
Payment Terminals

Apple and Android Pay

Accept industry leading payments using Octopos and Verifone MX925.

Lowest Processing Fees

Save thousands on payment processing fees by switching to Octopos. We always price match or lower your previous processor.

The Point of Sale Platform
Powering the Most Successful Retail Stores

  • Easy-to-use software that can
    scale with your business
  • Scanner and scale support
    right out the box
  • Accept Credit, Debit, EBT and
    Android / Apple Pay
  • No more expensive servers for hosting
    your POS
  • Hardwired terminals and offline
    mode so nothing slows you down
  • Intelligent Automated Marketing
    using Email and SMS to your most loyal customers.
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