Inventory Management

Bulk Product Imports

Octopos Inventory Management allows you to import products using just a few clicks. You are also able to export the product.

Receive Inventory

Using our mobile app you can receive inventory much faster. Our app also reduces your error when receiving inventory.

Product Catalogue

Our simple product creation wizard will allow you or your employees to create product from anywhere without extended training.

Inventory Cycle

Octoyard mobile app allows your to do a recount of your inventory to figure out any shrinkage you might have.

Purchase Order Management

Efficient retail businesses have just the right amount of inventory on hand. Our PO management tools allows you to generate predictable purchase order, so your store will have the right inventory levels all the time.

Powerful CRM

Powerful Database

Grow your database of customers by adding customers directly into the system.

Customer Purchasing Insights

System keeps track of your most valuable customers. You are also able to do detailed analysis of what products are most popular with which customers.


Reward your customers based on the insights system provides you. You can reward them using the channel you prefer such as email or sms.

Reporting & Analytics

Get insights into real time analytics of your business. Get a grip of the data that matters for your success.

Dashboard: Our portal dashboard will give you the top matrix of your business in a quick glance.

Inventory Reports: Get a report on your top movers by quantity and least movers by quantity. Using the reports of octopos, you will never run out of stock.

Sales Reports: System provides ability to generate your top movers by revenue. This allows you to put your resources behind right products. You can also generate various tax reporting.

Secure Payments

Employee Portal

Create and maintain information on new employees with easy to use interface.

Generate payroll reports from the back office.

Get accurate reporting on hours worked vs actual sales data.