Speedy Checkout with Offline Mode

Works when your Internet doesn’t

Keep running your business even when your ISP fails you. Our state of the art offline mode architecture allows you to accept orders and payment in the events when your internet is down.

User interface for simple speedy checkouts

Our interface is specifically tailored to work in the fast retail environments. We have very limited friction from first item scanning to payment. Few clicks allows you to reduce your checkout time.

Proper Cash Management

Cash management

Have peace of mind when it comes to Cash management. With thorough and detailed logs and procedures, every penny counts in Octopos.

Employee Attached Tills

Ocotpos allows your to attach till to individual employee. This improves the accountability significantly. In the event of cash difference you will know where to begin.

Automated Till Reports

Schedule a till report to be emailed every night to a list of individuals. This way at the end of the day you will have full report right in your phone.

Pay In, Pay Out, Refunds

Create pay in, payout and refunds right from the cash drawer while keeping the till in check.


Customer Display System

System to engage and inform your customer.

Allow customers to Sign up and Enter reward card right on the CDS. This improves the checkout speeds and keeps cashier focus on transection.

Improve trust with customers by showing each individual line from the order.

Rewards program on steroid with CDS. Allow customers to select eligible rewards right from the CDS.

Secure Payments

Secure & Competitive Payments

Payments backed by EMV compliant security and very competitive pricing.

Choose from our wide variety of payment devices. We have from a very small footprint device to large screens such as Verifone MX925.

Show order line items right on the MX925 and improve transparency with your customers.

Lowest rate payment processing guaranteed. Our payment processing partners are largest in the industry, which allows our customers to get the best rate available.